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Welcome to the Flexbot Wiki


Find and share information about the quadcopters and hexcopters from

Flexbot is a completely open source nanocopter kit made by a community of makers from around the world. It's also the world's first consumer electronic product that uses 3D printing technology to achieve personalization.

Important Pages

3D printed parts

Smartphone Apps

Android app

Control App


Flexbot PCB

Flight Control System

  • Flight control: MultiWii Copter
  • Processor: ATMega32u4
  • Gyro and Accelerator: MPU6050
  • Magnetometer: HMCL5883L
  • Barometer: BMP085
  • BLE IC: CC2541 or CC2540
  • Onboard 5V Regulator
  • Onboard 3.3V Regulator
  • Power Input: 3.3~4.7V
  • Flight Time: about 7 minutes
  • Communication protocol: BLE 4.0

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