Compiling The Android App

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How to compile the Android App

  1. Download the latest SDK Bundle for android
    • You can also install the SDK to your existing Eclipse IDE, but this will not be described here
  2. Download the Flexbot for android source
  3. Start Eclipse and select [File] > [Import...]
  4. Select [General] > [Existing Projects into Workspace]
    • Do NOT select [Existing Android Code...], because this code is already an Eclipse project
  5. At [select root directory] select the location of your downloaded source
  6. Click [finish]
  7. You will find a new project called HexMini in your workspace
  8. now make changes to the source files as you like
  9. Connect your android device
  10. Right click on the project and select [Run As] > [Android Application] to actually run the app on your device