Q: Where can I find the Flexbot App?

A: Search for "Flexbot" in the Google Play Store or in the iOS App Store. Scan the QR code to download control App for Flexbot.

Q: The Flexbot App doesn’t work on my phone. What can I do?

A: First, make sure your phone supports Bluetooth 4.0. For Android, you will need to be running at least Android 4.3, although upgrading to 4.4 is recommended as it fixes some bugs. The iOS app will work on iPhone 4s or higher. iPhone 4 and older may be lacking the hardware necessary for Bluetooth Low-Energy 4.0.

Q: I can’t connect to my Flexbot with the app.

A: When you scan for the copter, and choose to connect, it may take up to 20-30 seconds for the connection to be made. If you are unable to connect, check that the battery on the copter still has enough charge. Occasionally, the best solution is just to restart your phone and try again.

Q: I can connect to the Flexbot, but nothing happens when I try to take off.

A: Make sure that the copter is unlocked (press the button on the bottom of the screen). If your phone is running Android 4.3, there is a bug which can cause the copter not to respond even once you connect to it with the app. The problem seems to occur when the Flexbot is connected, the connection is lost, and then you try to connect again. Restarting your phone and then reconnecting should make the copter respond to control inputs. Android 4.4 doesn’t have this problem.

Q: What is Acc Mode, and how can I fly using that mode?

A: The default mode in the Flexbot App allows you to use two on-screen joysticks to control the copter, one for the throttle, and one for direction. The Acc mode still has a joystick for throttle, but the direction can be controlled by tilting your mobile device. You will still need to press down on the “directional” joystick while using this mode to fly.

Q: How do I trim/calibrate the copter?

A: There is generally no need to make these adjustments when the copter is new. If the copter leans heavily towards one direction, there is usually a simple solution that doesn’t involve adjusting the trim (see below). Adjusting the “Flight Angle Trim” may be useful if a propeller gets slightly damaged and the copter seems to be leaning to one side.

Q: Ok, I’ve finally gotten my hands on my copter, and put it together, but the copter is completely uncontrollable. It just flips over or shoots off in a random direction. What should I do?

A: This one isn’t intuitive, but it is very important. The copter MUST be resting on a flat, level surface at the moment the battery is plugged in. Otherwise, it doesn’t know its initial orientation, and it will be impossible to control. This is something we’ll be working on fixing when we update the flight control software.

If you’ve tried that and the copter still won’t fly straight, then check the placement of the motors and propellers. The motors and props come in numbered packets, and they need to be placed in the positions indicated in step 4 of the instruction manual. Not all the propellers are identical. Also make sure the motors are plugged into the proper ports on the PCBA. If the motors or props are not installed properly, the copter can spin out of control, blow air upwards instead of downwards, or encounter any number of problems.

Q: Now I’ve gotten the copter flying better, but it doesn’t hover easily, and tends to drift slowly horizontally or vertically. Is this normal? Is there away to calibrate the copter so that it will stay in one position?

A: If the copter is drifting slightly, this is normal. It will take some practice, but eventually you will be able to keep the copter stable and approximately hold one position. “Flight Angle Trim” can be accessed in the settings for minor adjustments.

Q: At idle, some of the rotors spin slowly, others don’t spin at all. The copter emits a high pitched buzzing noise.

A: Both of these things are completely normal. It shouldn’t affect the flight of the Flexbot. Check to make sure that all motors respond to throttle input.

Q: How long can I fly my Flexbot before charging it?

A: It’s very important not to fly the Flexbot for more than 6 minutes before charging. If the battery is run completely dead, it may lose its ability to hold a charge. After 6 minutes of flight time, Flexbot should be losing power anyway, so it makes sense to charge/switch the battery.

Q: Can the battery be charged via USB charger?

A: Unfortunately we ended up having to use a more basic charger, which plugs directly into the battery. The micro-usb port on the board is to be used for downloading flight-control software, if necessary.

Q: I received a broken frame, or my set is missing a component, what should I do?

A: Let us know! We will send you a replacement for free (shipping fee might apply in some cases)

Q: I want to buy extra motors/props/batteries/frames. Are these available?

A: We will be making these parts available for purchase soon on our website.