Piloting made easy!

Flexbot can be controlled using the gravity sensors in a mobile device. It imitates the movement of the smartphone or a tablet in the air. Also, traditional throttle, elevator, aileron, rudder control system can be used to operate your Hex.

Personalize your flying experience!

Flexbot comes with a capacity of customizations. You choose how you want it to look depending on what you like. We provide many 3D printed shells. All shells are directly mounted on top of the circuit board, and no soldering is required. If you are a designer, you can design your own shells and print them out from Shapeways or a 3D printer at your home or a nearby hackerspace and mount them as well.

Customized 3D-Printed Frame
The frame of Flexbot is customized 3d-printed shell. The frame is lighter and could be designed by the users.
During the development of the Flexbot frame, I have taken several aspects into consideration, such as the material properties, press tolerance and easily assembling features etc., so that the frame is durable and of perfect structure now.

Flexbot Specifications

Motor Specifications

  • Diameter:7.0mm
  • Length:20mm
  • Axle Diameter:1.0mm
  • Spinning Speed: 10,000-50,000 times per minute

Flexbot uses 720 coreless motors, whose structure is a breakthrough to traditional motor. 720 coreless motor’s rotor is coreless thus the weight is significantly reduced so that the copter would have fewer loads.

Battery Specification

The battery we used is of 3.7 voltage, 350 mAh capacity and 10.6 g weight. It has more power than the common dry batteries and also higher output in a short time, which means that the battery would provide power better and can ensure the flying.

Main Circuit/PCBA
The Main control circuit of Flexbot is an electronic board developed on the base of Arduino. It could be controlled by the App on a smart phone. If you attach a camera (FlexCam) to the board, it will take videos and images from the air, in real time. The main circuit board weighs 4.75 g.

Propeller Specifications
Flexbot uses the quadcopter propellers, whose diameter is 55mm. There are two CW propellers and two CCW propellers. You can judge from the front, propellers that push air clockwiselyare CW propellers and the other way around are CCW propellers (As shown in the picure).

Flexbot comes with an awesome app!

  • Virtual Stick Control
  • Gravity Sensor Control
  • Video Recording
  • Photo Captures
  • Video Sharing
  • Open Source Code
  • Works on iOS and Android (4.3+)
  • app-android

  • app-ios


Now is the time! Order your Flexbot now!

Note: All orders placed during Jan 23rd to Feb 5th will be shipped on Feb 7th